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Offer prizes and coupons to your audience in a fun way... every day!

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How it works

Add Your Prizes

Give your audience a reason to come back, every day! Set up prizes, odds, and how many you’d like to give away (at most) per day. Easy!

Place Your Shortcode

Drop a convenient shortcode into a page on WordPress, and your Prize Box will be ready to go… every day, without intervention.

Tell Your Audience

Newsletter subscribers, social media followers, or targeted ad clickers will be able to enter at most once per day. Keep up your metrics the easy way.

Incentive Automation

Turn up your newsletter click-through rates by including a link to the daily PrizeBox™ (or send it in it’s own email!). Give your audience something to look forward to opening, every day.

Key Features

PrizeBox™ is pretty nifty. Here are a few reasons why.

Browser Prizebox - Prizebox - Instant win prizes
Feature No. 1

Instant Win Prizes

Whether you’re keeping it simple with gift cards or giving away a big prize, you decide how many prizes to give away (at most) each day and the odds to win each one.

Winning Odds

Change the odds per prize. One in 10 wins – or one in 10,000 – the choice is yours.

“Winner Every Time”

You can choose to award a prize every time someone opens a box. Perfect for coupons!

Claim Codes

Add claim codes for each prize or let PrizeBox™ generate them for you with our “Unlimited” option.

Multiple Prizes

The PrizeBox™ supports multiple prizes per box, which adds an extra element of surprise!

Browser Prizebox - Email acquisition
Feature No. 2

Email Acquisition

Users will be asked to enter their email address before they open a prize box.

Email Integration

Support for popular email platforms. New subscribers are pushed directly into your list.

Custom Claim Pages

Send your winners to a custom claim page. Especially useful for coupons!

Anti-Bot / Pro-Humans

Built-in support for reCaptcha and anti-forgery, to help make sure your winners are human.

Manual Export

If you prefer, you have the option to export your subscribers to CSV.

Browser Prizebox - Email acquisition
Browser Prizebox - Not just for big prizes
Feature No. 3

Not Just For Big Prizes

As you may have guessed, you can use the PrizeBox™ for more than big, expensive prizes.

Gift Cards

You can send tons of gift cards with just an email. Amazon, Starbucks, etc. No need for a shipping address.

Digital Assets

Award an eBook, some Bitcoin, print-outs. Anything digital, really. It’s up to you.


Fill a “Win Every Time” prize box with special coupons, and set your claim URL to a product page. Wham!

Custom Claim Page

When you need more info from a user, send them to your own claim form to gather additional info.

Grow Your Audience

PrizeBox™ helps you expand your audience reach with email acquisition and social sharing incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. How does this all work?

There are a few different ways you can use the PrizeBox. The most straight-forward approach is to install the plugin, add a prize (such as “Amazon Gift Card”), and decide how many you want to give away each day (at most).

You’ll set the “odds” on the prize (say 1 in 1000), and users will win, on average, once in every 1000 opens. Pair that with “max 1 win per day”, and you can estimate your cost of awarding prizes.

When someone wins a prize, they’ll receive a claim code. You can setup a “Claim Page” for each prize, which will give them more info on claiming their prize. Some prizes require shipping info. Some prizes are coupons and they can claim their “prize” on a product page. Simply set the “Claim Page” URL for each prize. If you don’t need a claim page (e.g. gift cards sent to email addresses can simply be awarded), leave it blank.

That’s about it. Good luck!

02. Why should I use PrizeBox™ in email campaigns?

Digital marketers know that email is still the biggest game in town. Subscriber engagement and retainment can be tough when you don’t give your audience reason to come back to your website a few times a week.

Add a PrizeBox™ call-to-action (CTA) within your existing email campaigns and give your subscribers something to look forward to. It can also help lower unsubscribe rates by increasing a subscribers fear-of-missing-out (FOMO).

03. Does PrizeBox™ integrate with my email platform?

During beta, we’ll support MailChimp and custom web hooks. If you’re excited about PrizeBox™, let us know which platform you’re using, and we’ll try to prioritize support for that platform. Until then, feel free to export your PrizeBox™ subscribers on a daily or weekly basis.

Start bringing the fun now!

Grow your audience by offering your visitors a chance to win prizes and freebies or any other prize through opening a mystery box by signing up to your site.

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